Rockit Brothers


I've known my friend Bill Griffith since 1976, when we met at Wally Heider's in San Francisco. Bill lived in Sonoma County, and we both knew members of a band from there named Synergy.  Bill was working on a song about Joaquin Murietta with Jeffrey Norman. I was looking for singers for my projects because I didn't like how I sounded singing them, and Jeffrey suggested Bill. Bill came in and recorded his vocal on "Rider On The Range", and we've been in contact ever since.

     In the 1980's, I bought a Tascam ½" 8 track machine with a matching mixer, a Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer and RX-15 drum machine when they came on the market. The Tascam stuff was a big drop in quality from the gear we were used to using at Wally Heider's and other studios we worked in. It was even a good-sized drop from

my old Teac 3440 4-track, but with the first programmable digital drum machine and the first polyphonic digital synth with pre-programmed, editable patches for every known instrument and more, we had enough tools to create some music.

      Bill and I worked together on mostly his songs, with Bill and I programming the "drums" with the RX15 (sounds so cheesy now, but back then it was amazing to have). I played guitar, keyboards and bass (keyboard bass on some, real on others) and some backing vocals, and Bill played sax and sang lead and backing vocals. It was a chance for me to learn some engineering skills (Susie did the mixing) and also to have access to a wide palette of sounds on the keyboard to experiment with. We called the project The Rockit Brothers. Susie and I used the Tascam gear for one more project;  the Rhyth-O-Matics' first live demo that got us a recording contract with Catero Records. Bill went on to play with The Pulsators and is still playing and recording in Sonoma County.