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Susan Shy



Susan Coburn was Susie's assistant at Hyde Street Studios and a singer. She had sung on a few songs for my Rhythm Addict album In 1990. I had built my ADAT studio in our house in San Francisco in 1995 and I had recorded a number of "basic tracks" (rhythm guitar, bass and drums) with Robin Sylvester and Jimmy Sage. Some of those tracks were for the Rhyth-O-Matics' Ghost Skankers album, but the majority of them were for songs new and old that I wanted a good recording of. Susan and I got together weekly for a year or so. She sang on a number of my tunes and we did a performance on a cable TV show. Over time, she told me that she had written some songs, so we recorded them. Susan's writing style was not as symmetrical as mine, and arranging her songs was a little bit challenging, but I am very proud of the string and horn arrangements on "I'm Searching For Romance" and my bagpipe-like synth arrangement for "I'm Just Sayin'". I tried to market our demos under the name Susan Shy, and we made 2 demo albums. On one of my songs "Chime Thing", Susan overlaid a vocal passage that can be heard on my 2017 solo album "I Can See It". Susan also sang "Red River Reggae" on The SKY Rangers album.

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