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Grammy Allstars


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     Susie and I were members of NARAS, the Grammy organization, for many years. Susie served on the Board of Governors for the Northern California Chapter for over 12 years. I served on the Board for 2 terms and served briefly as the National Vice President of the chapter. Susie and I served on engineers and producers craft committees and we were involved with most of the events put on by the chapter including the annual Grammy Nominees Party, where artists in your area who’ve been nominated for a Grammy get honored for that a week before the televised national event.

     In 1992, the party was going to a larger venue, and we decided to have a house band made up of some of the happening San Francisco musicians.

     The line-up for the band (by the way, on the recording, everyone else but me got introduced but we did do my Mr. Rhythm and Blues song) was:

  • Chris Berry - vocals

  • Linda Imperial - vocals

  • Christina Kopriva - vocals and electric violin

  • Greg Erico - drums

  • Tony Saunders - bass

  • Bobby Scott - guitar 

  • Jimmy Foot (me) - guitar

  • George Michalski - keyboards

  • George T. Gregory - vocals, sax

  • David Frieberg - vocals & keyboards

  • Vince Wallace - sax

  • Tim Highland - trumpet

  • Jeff Kressman - trombone

  • Dave Perper - drums


Also sitting in: Norton Buffalo & Harvey Mandel and many others. The night went well, and the highlight was one of our friends. Kimo, who accepted an award in full drag as Cher.

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