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Album | Invisible


Jimmy Foot's second quarantine album!

Invisible cover3000X3000X300dpi.jpg

While the COVID 19 pandemic raged on, I was fortunate to be able to record  2 albums, “6 Dimensional” and this album with my engineer and co-producer Dominic Romano by working separately and safely. 

I recorded tracks from scratch, or “mined” some of my older outtakes for rhythm tracks or loops I had recorded with my Loop Station. I would then record my vocals, guitar and instruments for each song and then hand it over to Dominic. Dominic would add or replaced harmony vocals, program sampled drums for the tracks without live drums and mix and master. This is my eighth solo album that Dominic & I have done together since 2016 and we’re already working on another one! 

Special thanks to Susie Foot, love of my life, muse and partner and to my son PJ Foot for encouraging me to use my voice.

Produced by Jimmy Foot & Dominic Romano

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Dominic Romano

Musician credits:

Jimmy Foot - guitar, lead and harmony vocals, keys, bass, & mandolin

Dominic Romano - harmony vocals, drums programming

Stevie Culture - lead & harmony vocals & drums #2

Ken Lawrence - bass #2

Paul Jackson - bass #6

Dave Leland - drums #6

Unknown - piano #6

Additional engineering by Susie Foot #6 and Jimmy Foot #2 

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