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(Late 70s)


      Not long after the BULLETS, I started working with TERRY, daughter of NATALIE NEILSON, manager of GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION and others. I brought in Jynx and "Sandy" Jack, and we rehearsed but never played a gig. Not long after that project, I was invited by a friend of a friend to play on a song "Lady of the East" by a guy named TOM WOLFE. Tom had a good song, but wasn't that much of a singer. He did, however, have a great bunch of musicians, including a singing bass player and a good drummer.

        Around that time, I had met another singer who was the girlfriend of one of the engineers at Susie's studio named GAIL SERRIPICA. I brought in Jynx, Tom's drummer, CHRISTOPHER ???, and Tom's bass player, NORLIN MERRITT, and PARADISE was formed. We recorded a demo with DIANA ROSS's "Sweetest Hangover", PETER FRAMPTON's "Show Me The Way" and a couple of other songs. We played gigs for a year or so and then Norlin quit to go to dental school. Because he sang a number of the songs, it seemed like too much of a hassle to start over with someone else, so the band was short-lived.

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