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Jah Sun & Orchestra Du Monde/The Lion Camp


JAH SUN & ORCHESTRA DU MONDE – Earthdance 2007

    After DJIALY KUNDA KOUYATE and BADA SECK, TIM RANDLES, KEN LAWRENCE & I joined frontman JAH SUN, drummer TANASSA RAS, CHRIS NOONAN on sax, MITCH ______on trumpet, ISLAND on harmony vocals, 

and RJ______on percussion to form JAH SUN & ORCHESTRA

DU MONDE. We played our first show on the main stage at

EARTHDANCE 2007, and our 2nd show was also there, but on the Solar Stage. We were joined by guest artists ISHI DUBE &

RAS ATTITUDE as well as a duo of dancers.

       This group would become THE LION CAMP and we played

regular shows Wednesday nights at The BLUE LAKE CASINO,

and did several small tours, doing shows in Mendocino County,

Arcata, and Oregon for a year or so. JAH SUN still tours as a solo artist. KEN LAWRENCE and TIM RANDLES play together in 

PAULA JONES BAND, and as a trio with MIKE LaBOLLE and the three worked with me in 2019, when I produced the "Yes Yes Yes" album with DOMINIC ROMANO for ANNA HAMILTON at BONGO BOY STUDIO.

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