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Captain Karma & The Honkytonk Stardust Cowboy


        While RICK MILLER and I were playing and recording with The MAGIC MIND, the two of us lived in the small town of Cloverdale, and our drummer JOHNN MURPHY lived and had a job in the town of Sonoma. Rick and I got together nearly every day that we didn't have a gig to either record or to jam and write songs with out acoustic instruments in our big kitchen. We did some acoustic gigs with just the two of us under the moniker CAPTAIN KARMA (me) & THE HONKYTONK STARDUST COWBOY (Rick), and we did some recording. Much of the stuff we recorded acoustically in Cloverdale was filled out with overdubs, but years later, in or around 1977,

Rick and I did an acoustic session with Susie at Wally Heider's. One of the tracks that has survived (a lot of older stuff was chucked because it was a little out-of-tune, or a small mistake, or something I didn't think was up-to-par at the time) was a take of "Lonely When It Rains" with Rick singing, both of us on acoustic guitars, and a single track of a Mini-Moog that I put down as a spacey cello-y underlayer.

       Our friend Jim Carpio aka "Spanish Jimmy" did these renderings as possible album artwork. Rick did a couple of guitar tracks on my JIMMY FOOT & THE ATHLETES project, then moved away. Rick and I touched bases a few times through the years, but we never did any more recording together. We had some great times "Back in the day" and he has some great songs. 

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