Ghost Train



     Ghost Train is a band from Humboldt County, California. The band plays an eclectic mix of R&B, funk and soul with a hint of rock n roll. The musical assemblage of Ghost Train includes soulful vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and Latin percussion.

     I received a call from Zach Zwerdling in 2016. I had met Zach once before when his son Nate came into Bongo Boy and recorded a demo for a college he was trying to get into. 

     Zach told me that he was in a funk/rock band and their lead guitar player was quitting. He sent me some links to songs they were doing and it seemed right up my alley. They had a great drummer and bass player, Sam Kaplan/Good & William Mitchell. Jamie Carrol was a powerhouse lead singer, and the rest of the band, Zach on rhythm guitar, Sly Holladay on keys and Leah Mahan on background vocals, were also solid players. We got together for a rehearsal/ audition. The first song set the tone and I think by the 3rd song it was evident that I was a fit for this band. 

     Ghost Train played with this lineup for a year and a half and we had a great time playing local gigs. Then, Jamie moved out of the country. She would certainly be gone for 6 months, and we couldn't have a lot of confidence that she would return because she was very young and had almost moved to Maui a few months before. We talked about singers to replace Jamie, and I recommended Christina D'Alessandro and gave her a call.

      Christina left The Northcoasters and joined Ghost Train. To adapt better to her style, we left about half of the old repertoire behind, and started building up a new range of material. Sly and Leah left the band and Devin Penner joined the band on keys in 2019. Orlando Morales joined the band as percussionist. I love playing with these guys, learning new material, and jamming out.

Current Lineup:

Christina D’Alessandro - Lead vocals

Zach Zwerdling - Rhythm Guitar/Band Manager

Sam Kaplan-Good - Drums/vocals

Jimmy Foot - Lead Guitar

Nate Zwerdling - Bass

Orlando Morales - Percussoin

Devin Penner - Keys/vocals