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Album | Living 3 Lives

Living 3 Lives front cover.jpg

I’ve managed to create a lot of music with my producer/engineer Dominic Romano during the COVID 19 pandemic, mostly working separately in the studio. Dominic is like 3 guys at a time; producer, engineer and contributing artist, and I’ve been taking advantage of this opportunity.


My 1st vaccination shot seemed to boost my creativity a bit, and I was able to re-write some older songs as well as come up with some new ones. “Living 3 Lives” is about how we humans must live in the present while also living in the past and future in our minds on a daily basis. “You’re Killin’ Me” is a new song recorded over a Jimmy Foot & The Athletes track recorded by Susie Foot in the late 70s. “How Long” is also a re-write of an old Athletes song. “Everybody Soca” and “The Kennel Club” are rewrites of unreleased Rhyth-O-Matics songs , the latter being an homage to Doug Wendt’s (The Midnight Dread) legendary Sunday night shows
at The Kennel Club on Divisidero St. in San Francisco in the late 80’s.


With modern technology, Dominic was able to wrangle stuff from a number of sources and mix it with the new tracks once again to make this album. As usual, this is a mixed bag of styles. I just record the music I hear in my head and hope you folks appreciate the variety!

Produced by Jimmy Foot & Dominic Romano

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Dominic Romano


Recorded at Bongo Boy Studio SF & Humboldt and Wally Heider’s and Alpha & Omega in San Francisco.

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