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Album | Sky Rangers Ride Again


Original Versions of traditional and just plain original Cowboy Music with Reggae, Cajun, Rock and other influences featuring guitars, percussion and pedal steel

In the late 1970’s, I had the idea of blending reggae and country music, and recorded “Rider On The Range”.  In the 1990’s, with my buddy George Piburn, we revisited the concept  and recorded the first SKY RANGERS album. In 2016, I had the opportunity to go back into these tracks with Dominic Romano and sing and play many parts over. I’ve added new tunes, like the track “Smokey On The Left” recorded earlier this year by my friend and Country Music Hall of Fame guitarist Ron Cornelius with his Nashville studio crew . These new songs replaced what were really 90s Rhyth-O-Matics songs; “Ghost Skankers” and “Wagon Train Ska” from the first album. The photo on the cd was taken by Fred Gordon of me in 1980. The back cover is the house in Oklahoma my mother grew up in. The picture on the inside cover is of my grandfather Wesley O’Neale (far left), and my great grandpa “Silver Dollar” Jake O’Neale (2nd from right). The little kid in the window on the cover is 5 year old “Cowboy” Jimmy Foot. I haven’t changed that much! 

Produced by Jimmy Foot & Dominic Romano

Engineered by Dominic Romano

Jimmy Foot - guitars, lead vocals, keys, accordion

George Piburn - pedal steel

Jimmy Sage - drums

Robin Sylvester - bass

Joni Haastrup - percussion, vocals

Rudy Ortiz - percussion, vocals

Dominic Romano, Susan Coburn, Michael Ward, David Frieberg & Linda Imperial - backing vocals

”Smokey On The Left” - Ron Cornelius & his Nashville studio crew 

“Rider On The Range” - Dave Leland (drums), Paul Jackson (bass), Fred  Jones (Pedal Steel), Joyce Jackson & Jynx Jenkins (bk vocals), Jeff Narell (steel pan), Paul Potyen (keys)

additional engineering by:

Ashley Brigdale, Susie Foot and Jimmy Foot

Recorded at Bongo Boy Studio

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